Thin Stone Architectural Veneer gathered, sorted and cut at our mill for your memorable stone project.


New England Stone Siding is made from the earth and cut with diamond saws to 1 inch (+ or – 1/4”).  Masonry Mill’s thin stone veneer is a durable building material for your project specific architectural needs.  Our stone is sourced from the finest glacier deposits and gathered in an environmentally friendly manner to preserve the historic integrity.  Thin Stone Veneer is processed into a product that is lighter, easier to install and transport.  Masonry Mill’s versatile stone products are limitless and allow installation for any project where weight is a factor such as yachts and skyscrapers.

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INSPIRATIONS with Real Stone

  • Residential and Business
  • Exterior Siding
  • Fireplace: Indoor & Outdoor
  • Chimney
  • Indoor Chimney
  • Signage
  • Concrete Foundation Covering
  • Town municipal park / monuments
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Pergola
  • Wine Cellar
  • Interior Siding
  • Water Features
  • Pool & Spa
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Fish Pond
  • Waterfall
  • Water Wall
  • Garden

Weather Resistant Certified by mother
nature’s freeze thaw test for the past million years.


Sawn back Thin Veneer is 1 inch thick (1/4″ +/- 1) Building Veneer 3″ – 5″  *Corner Pieces available for all shapes and shades.